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The Mayflower Mule- A Holiday Twist on the Moscow Mule

Add a little taste of the holidays to your cocktails this year. Start with The Mayflower Mule. With a splash of Pomegranate Juice, and equal parts Ginger Beer and Apple Cider you’ll keep your guests warm and toasty. Just make sure they don’t hit Plymouth rock.       You Will Need: Vodka Apple Cider […]


Happy Dragon Boat Festival. On one of my travels to Taiwan, during the Dragon Boat Festival, I learned the art of making Zongzi. While my wrapping could use some practice, my flavor is there! Also I would suggest getting large bamboo leaves. Ingredients Sticky Rice Soy Sauce Rice Wine vinegar Sugar Mushrooms (all kinds) Green […]

Bisquick Coconut Pandan Waffles (the green ones)

Tired of the same old waffles? Mix it up a bit by substituting milk with coconut milk, and coconut flakes. What makes this waffles green? What is Pandan? Pandan is a leaf found in tropical Asian climates. Using this extract makes baked goods green, while adding a little flavor. Ingredients 2 cups Bisquick 2 tbsp […]

Eggplant Torta

In honor of Cinco De Mayo, forget the burritos and the tacos, go for the Torta! This delicious sandwich offers the authentic taste of Mexico with a slight Asian Twist. Pairs perfectly with Michelada. Ingredients Eggplant Poblano Pepper Bell Pepper Bread Refried Beans Lettuce Tomato Onion Radish Cilantro Green Onion Mayo Fire Eater Hot Sauce […]