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Omelette Avocado

Tired of that SAME old omelette? Switch it up, with this fun take on the Avocado Omelette. Perfect for brunch with friends, or a quick breakfast on the go. Try baking your omelette inside of the avocado. The avocado makes the perfect bowl. Ingredients: Avocado Egg Green Onion/Cilantro Tomato Salt and Pepper Oil

Nam Wan: Mien Tapioca Dessert

Nam Wan is a special dessert made in the Mien Community, made with many Thai ingredients. If you area fan of tapioca, fruit, and coconut milk, try this delicious dessert. It’s like a pearl drink (bubble tea) you eat with a spoon. Ingredients: Tapioca Balls Sugar Brown Sugar Coconut Milk Canned Jack-fruit Canned Lychee Canned […]

Wonton Soup

In the celebration of Chinese New Years, Wonton Soup! The easiest way to make a wonton is to buy the pre-made wrappers. The great thing about this recipe, is it’s very easy to adapt with ingredients. I took the less is more approach to just show you the basics. Ingredients Tofu Mushroom Sweet Potato Carrot […]

Easy Pad Thai

Pad Thai seems like one of those exotic dishes, best served from your local restaurant. Actually it’s very easy to make. What makes Pad Thai is it’s sauce. That think orangey gooey sauce. But what’s in it? Find out below: Ingredients: fat rice stick noodles 2 eggs garlic tofu sesame oil For the sauce: tamarind […]

Super Bowl Super Chili

Just in time for the big game! Not sure what to bring to this annual grub-fest? Short on time? Here is my delicious Habañero Jalapeño Chili, ready in about an hour. (although the longer it stews the better) This chili goes great as a side, on top of a burger, or dog, or even on […]