Impossible Burger Taste Test


This past weekend I got the awesome and honor to try a pre-release Impossible Burger. (See Impossible Foods)

IMG_9092             IMG_9096

The Impossible Burger is strictly plant based with the ability to bleed like a real burger. On first inspection the color and texture will really surprise you; bright pink and squishy. Also it was a little slimy feeling, the kind of slime you would feel if you were touching raw beef. Well that’s promising.

Once thrown on the grill, it’s hard not to notice it really does brown like a meat burger. Just from looking at the process you might be confused, or doubt this is not meat.


So how does it taste? Well they say you eat with your eyes first, so on that note, my instincts were to think this was beef. The texture was definitely like beef. As for the taste… It was like eating a really lean burger, almost like a turkey burger.  I can honestly say it was one of the best meat alternative burgers I’ve tried. Watch the video below for the entire process.

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