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Zucchini Muffins

Not sure what to do with all your fresh garden zucchini? You will find these muffins are more moist than banana nut bread. [youtube_sc url=”″] Ingredients 2 cups shredded zucchini 3 eggs 1 cup oil 1 2/3 cups granulated sugar 1/3 cup brown sugar 3 cups sifted flour 1 tsp baking soda 1/4 tsp baking […]

Simple Pesto Base

There is nothing like fresh pesto for a light summer dinner. the number of ingredients found in pesto can literally be counted on 1 hand. All you need is a blender or food processor for this super simple recipel [youtube_sc url=”″] Ingredients 2 Handfuls of Basil 1/2 cup Olive Oil 1/4 cup Pine nuts 4 […]

Pumpkin Curry (Thai Style)

Immerse yourself with the flavors of Thailand with this fragrant sweet and savory pumpkin curry. Serve it over some nice pillowy Jasmine rice, and wonder how you’ve lived without this dish in your routine. [youtube_sc url=””] Ingredients 1/2 orange pumpkin-peeled and cubed 1/2 onion, chopped minced garlic 1 sweet potato cubed Mae Ploy Curry Paste (available in […]

Breaded Eggplant

Grandma’s breaded eggplant dish is versatile, and will make you the envy of the lunchroom. Serve it with pasta, or between two pieces of bread. This is a simple recipe that can be done after a long day at work. With a few simple steps you can make this in under 1 hour. It’s also […]


Bruschetta is Italian for grilled bread. In this recipe we focus on what to put on that bread, using the trinity of Italian cuisine- Tomatoes, garlic and basil. Caution or your guests will devour this entire appetizer before dinner. [youtube_sc url=””] Ingredients 1lb cherry or grape tomatoes Basil Italian Parsley Minced Garlic Olive Oil Salt + […]

Layered Dip

Sure anyone can buy some dip for your chips at the store… Try to add that personal touch to your party with this layered dip recipe. It looks like a lot of work but is really easy! [youtube_sc url=”″] Ingredients 3 Avocados- salt, pepper, lime 1 can of pinto beans-salt, pepper, tabasco 1 container Sour […]

Papaya Salad

Papaya Salad is an exotic South East Asian dish that is sweet, salty, spicy and refreshing; perfect for a warm BBQ that will really impress your guests. [youtube_sc url=””] Ingredients 1 Green Papaya shredded 2 Carrots shredded Garlic Chili peppers Lemon Vegetarian Fish Sauce Tamarind Palm Sugar (or brown sugar) Salt Crushed Roasted Peanuts