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Falafel’s are packed with flavor and protein. They can be made ahead of time and keep well in the freezer. Since 1 can of garbanzo beans can yield about 20 falafel, this recipe will keep you stocked for weeks. PLEASE NOTE: this recipe is for canned beans only. Traditional falafel use dry garbanzo beans which […]

Spritz & Thumbprint cookies

New Year new cookie recipe. Spritz cookies are machine molded and pressed cookies that turn the average baker into a professional artist. We have also found the same dough for the Spritz cookies, tastes delicious with jams, so we decided to use it for thumbprints as well. It will take a little practice using your […]

Grandma’s Biscotti Recipe

Every year my grandma made delicious Italian Biscotti. Luckily on one of her last years making cookies, I was able to film her as she taught me her tricks. Biscotti are hard Italian cookies, that are not very sweet. They pair nicely with hot coffee or surprisingly a glass of red wine. [youtube_sc url=””] Ingredients: […]

Old Fashioned (drink)

Paul the bartender stops by for a quick tutorial on how to make an old fashion. Impress your party guests with this sophisticated looking, easy drink. [youtube_sc url=””] Ingredients: 1 sugar cube 2 dashes bitters 2 dashes orange bitters 2oz whisky rye or bourbon ice


Pizelles are Italian, thin, wafer like, cookies. They are sweet and have a similar taste and texture to fortune cookies. [youtube_sc url=””] Ingredients: 6 eggs 3½c flour 1½c sugar pinch of salt ¾c vegetable oil 4tsp baking powder 1tsp vanilla 1tsp anise seeds soaked in amaretto or red wine Pizelle irons vary in temperatures, start […]

Chocolate Crinkles

Chocolate Crinkles are like brownies crossed with cookies, a delicious, rich, chocolate cookie. My family always bakes these around the holidays. [youtube_sc url=””] Ingredients 1/2 cup vegetable oil 4 oz unsweetened chocolate 2 cups sugar 4 eggs 2 tsp vanilla 2 cups flour 2 tsp baking powder pinch of salt powdered sugar

Banana Sweet Rice

Banana sweet rice is a Thai dessert, featuring rice, banana and coconut milk steamed in a banana leaf. It can be eaten for breakfast or a sweet snack. [youtube_sc url=””] Ingredients Glutinous Rice Banana Leaf Fresh Banana Coconut Milk Brown Sugar

Pizza and Fried Korean Glaze

Happy Cyber Monday. Seven Servings is giving you 2 videos in 1! Start out with a simple pizza, from rolling the dough to baking. Then pair your pizza with a fried protein topped with this umami flavored Korean  Glaze. [youtube_sc url=””] Pizza Ingredients: Flour Tomato Sauce Cheese Bell pepper Garlic Onion Mushroom Artichoke Basil Korean Glaze […]

Wok Fried Green Beans

Less is more. This Thanksgiving, highlight the green beans, don’t hide them with cream and canned onion topping. [youtube_sc url=””] Ingredients: Green Beans 1 cup vegetable broth 1/2 cup chopped almonds minced garlic 1 tbsp soy paste